Music matters.

Industry leading Digital Audio Workstations, trusted VST software, and 16 channel input give The Recording Studio the ability to track, mix, master, and deliver broadcast quality production that meets your needs.

From a simple voice over, to a radio commercial, to recording a full album with mix and master, FDF Productions has you covered. Let’s start talking about your next project.


The System:

A custom built powerhouse of 12 core processing power supported by 64gb of RAM ready to make light work of the most challenging VST laden multitrack compositions.


The Instruments:

While most musicians come with their own instruments to achieve a very specific sound, The Recording Studio has a few of the raw essentials. These include a KORG SV-1 Stage Piano, a Fender Baja Telecaster, a Yamaha semi acoustic, Radial DI box, powered through a Fender 68 Twin Reverb Amp.


The Microphones:

Most studios have a range of microphones and The Recording Studio is no exception. We have condensers, tube, and dynamic microphones to meet every need. SM57’s, SM58’s, SE z3300a, SM7b, SE Electronics R1 and more give a wide range of microphone options.

The Room

The open plan room gives ample space for multiple musicians to play at the same time. Professionally mapped acoustical treatment gives the right balance of sound diffusion and liveliness across the studio.